ECIB offers the sizing, supply and / or installation of acoustic grids.

The range of ECIB grilles allows to reduce the noise level of the air intakes and discharges in frontage but also to create ventilated acoustic screens in order to solve your environmental acoustic problems and in industry.

Acoustic grid

The ECIB acoustic grille allows the introduction of fresh air or the rejection of stale air in an air treatment installation while attenuating the noise level of the equipment. It also ensures the protection against rain, leaves and birds. By its design, it allows to preserve the aestheticism of the facades of the buildings where they are installed.

Technical product data:

  • In galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel with or without RAL paint
  • Rockwool 55 kg/m3 with protective glass veil
  • Mechanical protection of the rockwool by perforated sheets as an option.
  • Dimensions between 450 and 2500mm (For larger dimensions, assembly in several elements)

Acoustic grid screen

Noise reduction screens, such as noise reduction grids or acoustic louvers, are used to reduce the noise level of technical installations by ensuring their natural ventilation. The acoustic louvers of the louvers are placed in their support on site in order to facilitate the assembly and to limit the cranes in roof. Ecib also proposes the supply of the fixing framework of the grids defined according to the Eurocodes.

Technical product data:

  • In galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel with or without RAL paint
  • Rockwool 55 kg/m3 with protective glass veil
  • Mechanical protection of the rockwool by perforated sheets as an option.
  • Acoustic performance on request.

Of course, it is essential to choose the right material and size before ordering an industrial acoustic grille. But there are other criteria that also influence your choice: distance from sound sources, shape, acoustic characteristics, etc. The rest of this article details all of these data to help you choose the best material for your situation.

What is the difference between the classic acoustic grille and the industrial acoustic grille?

Depending on your needs, you can opt for different types of acoustic grids. For example, the classic acoustic grille is very useful for living rooms, while the industrial acoustic grille is more useful for rooms where there is machinery.

You can also opt for an industrial-style acoustic grille when you want to create a workspace. This is especially true when you are in a production area.

When should you turn to this acoustic grid?

When you want to isolate the ventilation of a room, you must turn to an acoustic grille. This is ideal for slowing down the air flow and reducing noise. This will allow you to protect your premises and your employees.

What materials is the industrial acoustic grille made of?

The industrial acoustic grille is made of different materials. The goal is to allow a good reduction of acoustic energy. Indeed, the acoustic energy is absorbed by these materials. In addition to this, the industrial acoustic grille can also be composed of different materials that absorb different frequencies. This is the case of a material that absorbs low frequencies and another that absorbs high frequencies.

What are the advantages of the industrial acoustic grille?

If you want your industrial acoustic grille to offer you optimal comfort, you must make sure that it is equipped with a grille. This will protect you from dust and other dirt. In addition, a grid will allow you to hear the different sounds better, which will allow you to be more efficient in your work.

What are the disadvantages of this acoustic grid?

One of the drawbacks of this acoustic grid is that it is difficult to customize. It is therefore difficult to adapt it to your needs. This may require you to change the grid if you want to adapt it to your needs. This may require you to install multiple types of grills in your business. You must then make sure that your different grids match your needs.

How to choose an industrial acoustic grille?

When choosing an industrial acoustic grille, the first thing to consider is whether to install it on the ceiling or on the floor. If you want to place them on the ceiling, then you must choose a grid that is perfectly adapted to the height of the ceiling. In addition, you should also choose an acoustic grille that is wide enough for you to enjoy the ventilation.

How to install an industrial acoustic grille?

To install an industrial acoustic grille, you must first think about where you want to install it. This will allow you to know, which size you should choose. You should also make sure that the acoustic grille is securely fastened to the location where you wish to install it. Indeed, you must make sure that it will not move. For the acoustic grille to work properly, it must be secured with screws.

And finally, what are the different applications of the industrial acoustic grid?

The best known application of the industrial acoustic grid is sound remediation. This is very useful in offices or workshops. It is also a tool that is widely used in the health sector, in hospitals or at dentists. It is also a very practical tool in the hotel industry. You can use it to create a quiet zone in a room.

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to build industrial acoustic grids. These allow the insulation of the structure of buildings and buildings to improve the comfort of its inhabitants. They are an integral part of the techniques used in industry to improve thermal comfort, soundproofing and safety. Industrial acoustic louvers are used for example in schools or public buildings. It is important to choose industrial acoustic louvers adapted to each construction by

The use of an industrial acoustic grille allows you to improve your comfort. Indeed, it allows you to limit the surrounding noises and the different sounds that can be heard.

This allows you not to be disturbed by machine noises. This can be a real asset to your productivity.

Most people think that the only way to improve the quality of their acoustic environment is to have a sound system installed. In fact, a good solution to improve the quality of a place is to install an industrial acoustic grille. It may seem strange at first, but this technique reduces noise and makes the place more comfortable. For example, an industrial acoustic grille can improve the quality of the sound environment in offices or rooms

Determine the shape and size of the acoustic grid

When installing an industrial acoustic grille, you need to make sure it’s right for the room. This will allow you to enjoy optimal efficiency.

Indeed, you must take into consideration the size of the room and the grid. This allows you to benefit from a good insulation.

Attach the acoustic grille to the supports

To fix the acoustic grille to the supports, screws and dowels must be used. This will ensure that the grid is secure and you won’t have to worry about it for years. Nevertheless, it is important not to use too many screws. This could damage the grid and make it unusable.

Check the fixation of the different acoustic grids

For your acoustic grille to be effective, it must be securely attached. You must therefore check that all the fasteners are in place and that they are solid. This prevents your acoustic grid from collapsing. You can also hire a professional to install your acoustic grille. This is an easy solution, but it can also be very effective.

Protecting the surface of the acoustic grid

When installing an industrial acoustic grille, you must always ensure that the surface of the grille is protected. This will make it easier to maintain. It is thus possible to use a protective coating. This allows you to protect the surface of the grid from all kinds of damage.

Industrial acoustic grilles are an innovative ventilation solution that stands out for its efficiency, ease of use and wide variety of applications. If you have any questions about industrial acoustic grille applications, check out our FAQ.

Industrial acoustic grilles can be fixed to the ceiling

Thanks to this possibility, you can easily install the industrial acoustic grilles on the ceiling. It is an ideal solution for large spaces.

In addition, it allows you to create a more original ceiling and create a different atmosphere. This is for example the case for conference or meeting spaces.

Industrial acoustic grilles can operate in outdoor environments

Industrial acoustic grilles can operate in outdoor environments. This is possible thanks to thermal and acoustic insulation. This is a great advantage, especially when you want to get some fresh air into your workshop. So you can afford to do it from the outside and keep the noise inside. This is to avoid disrupting the various activities that take place inside the workshop.

The industrial acoustic grids can be used as filters

One of the applications of the industrial acoustic grille is to filter the air passing through it. This allows you to suppress noises that can be annoying. This allows you, for example, to prevent ventilation noise from being heard by your customers. This also allows you to limit the risk of disruption to your premises.

Industrial acoustic grids: a tool for environmental management. Renting an acoustic grille is a solution to avoid acoustic nuisance from your company, neighboring premises or neighborhood.

An economical solution

An acoustic grille is an economical solution, as it reduces costs considerably. This is especially true for industrial acoustic louvers, which are used in industrial buildings, for example.

This is because these grids are easy to use and significantly reduce the number of breakdowns.

Accompanies air production

The acoustic grille is an environmental management tool, as it allows the regulation of the air quantity in the workshop. This reduces energy consumption. Indeed, in a workshop, the air production is regular. It is therefore important to be able to dry it if necessary.

Quiet ventilation

To ensure that a building’s silent ventilation is effective, you must consider several parameters. First, you need to choose a ventilation grille that fits the number of people in your building. In addition, you must ensure that the ventilation grille is quiet. This can be done by choosing a grille that fits your building.


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