The acoustic enclosure allows to reduce the noise level emitted by a noisy element such as machines, blowers, compressors, fans, presses, mills, pumps, blowers…

It integrates ventilation to evacuate calories, access and tools for maintenance and passage of cables, pipes, production lines …

But also the electrical networks, lighting, heating, air conditioning, specific detections…

Acoustic hood

The acoustic enclosure tends to be favored in the field of industrial soundproofing when one seeks to protect people from noise by using a structure surrounding a sound source such as a machine, intended to protect the environment from that sound source.

To help you choose the acoustic enclosure that will best meet your soundproofing/insulation needs related to the protection of workers against noise, ECIB offers a wide selection.

By using ergonomic equipment (standard or custom) whose quality of design and construction meets the highest standards in terms of effective noise control in a context of respect, ECIB offers effective solutions at a fair price in response to all needs in soundproofing.

The words acoustic and phonic are sometimes difficult to distinguish. This article answers the question: “What is the difference between acoustics and phonics?” and explains their meaning, their use and the links that unite these two terms. The term acoustic comes from the Greek word “akoustikos”. It means the study of sounds, acoustics being the science that studies the emission of sounds and their characteristics, such as their intensity, frequency, duration, etc. On the other hand, the term phonic comes from the Greek word

An acoustic hood is more serious

The acoustics are lower, but that doesn’t mean the two don’t have differences. Indeed, an acoustic hood is more powerful, and can therefore be used for performances. This can be an advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage.

So you need to make sure you have enough room to use this type of hood, and that your instrument is powerful enough.

You may have heard of background noise, but you don’t necessarily need a physics degree to understand the concept. Background noise is simply unwanted noise that can interfere with your listening experience.

The acoustic hood is intended for high-end vehicles

Acoustic enclosure is a process that reduces engine noise, but also the noise that can be generated by the vehicle. However, this is primarily a process that has been implemented on high-end vehicles.

This means that you can be sure that your vehicle will not make any noise.

The acoustic enclosure is made of polyurethane foam

The acoustic enclosure can be made of polyurethane foam. This material is very efficient and reduces noise from the outside. It is also a very resistant material, which can be used on all types of places.

The acoustic enclosure is equipped with high quality materials

One of the materials that make up the acoustic enclosure is metal. So you can easily use it to protect yourself from all the bad things that can happen to you. Metal is a material that is very easy to work with, allowing you to transform it into any shape. However, you must also consider the cost.

Acoustic enclosure is recommended for commercial vehicles

The acoustic hood is a solution that reduces the noise of your vehicle. It can be interesting for commercial vehicles, especially trucks. This solution can be useful to improve the quality of life of your employees. Indeed, they will not be disturbed by external noise, and will be able to work in peace.

The acoustic screen is a soundproofing barrier placed inside a building. It is used to reduce the sound outside and/or the impact noise between the different floors of a building. When this insulation is inadequate, the noise is most often generated by public transportation and street activity. The purpose of this article is to explain how to choose the right sound barrier for your situation.

Acoustic screens can be used on ships

One of the benefits of sound barriers on ships is that they help protect passengers and crew. This can be useful, especially when you are at sea and you are the victim of a rollover.

This way, the crew and passengers are not exposed to loud noises. For more information on acoustic screens, you can visit our website.

An acoustic coating is also possible

Acoustic coating can also be used as a cover. This will help protect your ceiling from all the things that might be above it. For example, you can protect it from moisture. This can also be very useful if you want to remove the ceiling. Acoustical coating can allow you to safely remove the ceiling.

Boats can be equipped with sound insulation

An acoustic enclosure is a device that limits noise in the boat. This can be especially useful if the boat owner is a bit noisy. It is also an important element for fishing boats. This limits the noise in the boat, which helps to put the fish to sleep, for example.

Noise is the number one nuisance we encounter on a daily basis. It is often difficult to escape, even in our own city. In public transport, at work or at home, noise prevents us from finding the peace and quiet we need to rest and concentrate. If you are like most of us, noise often keeps you awake. Noise is the number one nuisance we encounter on a daily basis. It is often difficult to escape, even in our own

Check the amount of fiber

One of the important things you need to know about acoustic cladding is the amount of fiber it contains. This will let you know if the insulation is capable of providing a certain level of insulation.

This is also an important point to know, because it will let you know if you can use the acoustic hood on your car.

What materials?

Using quality materials will ensure that you get perfect soundproofing. This ensures that the noise does not pass through your walls, and that you cannot hear it. This also allows you to avoid using too thick a material, which can be restrictive.

Opt for a hood with foam

The hood is a way to protect the interior of your vehicle. This is especially important if you want to buy high quality equipment. This way, you can be sure that it will not burst. To ensure that the cover is effective, you can also opt for foam. This will ensure that you avoid noise.


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