The ECIB50 or ECIB100 acoustic panel screens are the most economical while maintaining very good
good acoustic performance.
The ECIB50 or ECIB100 sound absorbing screens are self-supporting metal sandwich type with an insulation in
high density rock wool with rectified fibers. Their construction allows an implementation and a
Quick and easy assembly/disassembly.
Depending on the thickness, the intrinsic sound reduction index Rw of our screens can reach up to
In order to act on the acoustic absorption, one of the two faces of the panel can be micro-perforated. In this case the index
The intrinsic sound absorption of our screens can reach up to aw=1.

Acoustic reduction is one of the key elements to improve the acoustic performance of a space. Generally, we speak of acoustic absorption when the materials used reduce the volume of sound waves. The two most commonly used types of sound reduction are inhibition and absorption. Inhibition is a form of attenuation that uses special materials to reduce the size and intensity of the noise produced. Absorption, on the other hand, prevents the noise from being transmitted to the environment.


In order for you to purchase an absorbent sound barrier, you must first know what it is. Therefore, you should know that it is a material that has been specially created to effectively absorb noise.

To make sure this is the case, you need to make sure it is a material that can absorb noise. For this reason, it must be easily handled with noise.

The concept of sound absorption is simple to understand, but the decision to integrate sound absorption technology into a work environment is not an easy one. There are several factors to consider in determining whether a sound absorption system is appropriate for a given environment. To help companies make the right choice, here are the main benefits of sound absorption that are worth considering.

Reduces neighborhood noise

The sound absorbing screen is a material that reduces neighborhood noise. It is a very simple material to install and offers many advantages.

To begin with, the sound absorbing screen allows to reduce the noise of the neighborhood and to limit the nuisance. It can also allow you to improve the privacy of certain spaces. This equipment also allows you to limit noise pollution in case of intense activity, for example, if you organize a party in your house.

Avoids noise from outside

Acoustic absorption allows you to no longer hear noise from the outside. This allows you to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere, whether you are at home or in your office. This allows you to avoid, for example, the noise of traffic or machinery.

Reduces noise from the building

The sound barrier is designed to attenuate noise from the outside. This will help reduce the noise from your neighbors. However, one thing you need to make sure of is that the noise from inside will not be amplified. This can be the case when you use the sound barrier to isolate yourself from outside noise.

If you are looking to improve your sound environment, for example to create a work area or to improve the sound comfort of public spaces, you have probably heard of sound absorption and sound reflection. While the acoustic reflection allows to reflect the sounds towards the sources of emission, the acoustic absorption allows to absorb them. That’s when you probably started to wonder why you should use one or the other. The following table lists the disadvantages of ac


The sound absorbing screen is not always very aesthetic. For example, it can be black, which can have an impact on the decoration of the place where it is installed.

However, you also have the option of choosing a different color model. This can allow you to cover it with another element, like a table for example.

Is that enough?

Sound absorption is an interesting solution, but it does not eliminate all noise. Indeed, some noises are too loud to be absorbed. For this, you should turn to noise reduction instead.

Possibility of disturbing your neighbor

The sound absorbing screen can also prevent you from enjoying the sounds coming from your neighbor. This is especially the case when you make noise. This type of product can therefore prevent you from enjoying your neighbor’s music, for example.

A problem that bothers most smartphone and tablet users is the touch screen that vibrates, flashes and makes noise when you use the device. This is mainly due to the fact that the acoustics are too low for use in an office and in a noisy environment. To remedy this, there are different types of acoustic screens, which are both more effective and more discreet than a conventional screen.

The water-repellent acoustic screen

The water-repellent sound barrier is made of a material that allows moisture to be retained so that the screen stays dry. This reduces the risk of sound loss.

Adhesive sound barrier

Adhesive sound barrier is a type of sound barrier that can be easily installed on a wall. You can put it on any type of surface.

This type of sound barrier is therefore very easy to apply. It can be easily removed and replaced with another screen if you want to implement a new color.

The smooth acoustic screen

The smooth sound barrier is the most common type of sound barrier. It is quite easy to install and very easy to clean. It is also the easiest type to install. You don’t need much know-how to place it. It is therefore ideal for people who are just starting out. Before placing it, you can make sure it looks good. It is possible to test it on another surface, for example a partition or a wall.

Acoustic screens allow you to protect your privacy, but they also have other advantages. They reduce the noise generated by washing machines and air conditioners. They are useful in large homes and public places with many people. They can also be an effective way to improve your sleep quality! This article presents the different types of acoustic screens and the important points to consider in order to choose the one that suits you best.

What are the advantages of using an absorbent sound barrier?

The sound absorbing screen is an element that allows you to optimize your comfort and improve your well-being. This way you can enjoy some peace and quiet during your workouts.

In addition, this sound barrier helps reduce the noise of the exercise machine. This will enhance your workout and prevent you from being disturbed by noise.

Absorbent sound barrier is less expensive than a diffusive sound barrier

The absorbing acoustic screen is less expensive than the diffusing acoustic screen, but it is less efficient. It is therefore better not to opt for this type of screen, if you want to enjoy a good acoustic comfort. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a rich and deep sound, then you can opt for this screen.

The sound absorbing screen diffuses natural light

The sound absorbing screen is indeed a perfect solution for the diffusion of natural light. This can be useful in homes where rooms are open and the light can be a bit too bright. Indeed, the aesthetic aspect of the acoustic screen should not be neglected. So this is something to consider if you are thinking of using it in your home or office.

The sound absorbing screen does not retain dust

The sound absorbing screen means you don’t have to clean your screen every day. This is a good point, as it saves you from having to spend a lot of time cleaning your screen. This saves you time and money.


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